We’re Back

Welcome to the New Show

Oh we missed the days of being able to get photos and videos of awesome parties, so we decided to jump back in. Even though we haven’t given up, we had to build what we had before expanding. Now the After Party is rocking with the stage screen, live camera feed, awesome sound and light show rocks the ol Boogie Barn twice yearly. It’s been a long 7 months and only a couple more to go until we start filling this website up. Now in order to view all the wild party action, we have to verify that you are over 18 years of age cause let’s face it, that’s where the good stuff is and if your not old enough then too bad. Come see us when you hit 21. Hawg Valley requires all party goers to be at least 21 to be admitted. So even if your too young to get in, you can still see what you have to look forward too. But enough is enough, we hope you enjoy our little site and the best little rally in Kentucky.


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