Welcome to the Hogg Wild After Party located at the one and only Hawg Valley Bike Rally. Join the Fat Man Mafia in the World Famous Boogie Barn the 3rd weekends of May & Aug each year. Our intent is to bring photos & video of all the action during these after parties. Note that this is an Adults Only Site, If you are uncomfortable viewing this site or are under that wonderful adult age (18 Years Old) please exit this site.

About Us

The Fat Man Mafia started out 14 years ago at a little motorcycle rally in West Ky. Over the years both the rally and the party grew. Bringing the one of a kind After Party 2 weekends a year. The guys in the Fat Man Mafia transform an old barn into one hell of a night club. Live music on Thursday nights, and MC/DJ Kris on the mic from 10 pm until 2 am Thursday thru Saturday Nights on the 3rd weekends of May & Aug. Music, Girls, Big Video screen with live and music videos. If your looking for a great party with a small time feel, this is the place for you. Join us for the Hogg Wild After Party.

With the entertainment experience between all members of our production crew, we do everything live on site. Media advertising for rally vendors available. Live sound engineering, professional intelligent lighting system & live video production. Our crew at the After Party know what it takes to keep you entertained.

We are also available for other rallies or parties as well. If your venue wants to add something new to your next party, we have the crew to do it.

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Do you wanna catch all of the wild action direct from the source? It’s one hell of a party that you don’t want to miss. However if you do, you can still check out all the wild entertainment like the adult contest, stage action and more as our crew goes around and catches it on video just for you.

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We are currently working to bring our viewers live stream from the rally. If you have been to Hawg Valley you know how internet is there, but just in case we will also have this members area for you to view videos that we shoot direct from the party. This will be a Paid Membership Area, you will be able to choose a 3 day pass, 7 day pass or 1 month pass recurring billing unless you cancel. We will also have censored or web friendly videos available for free as well.

What’s Happening Now

2018 Spring After Party

We are fresh back from another great Afterparty weekend. If you wasn’t there you missed some good stuff. Like getting the Friday night band up on stage and breaking their rally virgin cherries. We also raised over $400 for the what t-shirt contest and had several girls take part in chances of winning the cash. …

We’re Back

Welcome to the New Show Oh we missed the days of being able to get photos and videos of awesome parties, so we decided to jump back in. Even though we haven’t given up, we had to build what we had before expanding. Now the After Party is rocking with the stage screen, live camera …

Time to Party

You will only find this wild party at the one and only World Famous Boogie Barn at Hawg Valley Bike Rally in Graham Ky.  If your ready to have a great time and want an awesome party, then look no further than this rally. Please check out the rally website here. Leave the attitudes at home and come for a good time.